Isabella and Rocky’s expected litter.

Isabella & Rocky’s Expected Litter

50-70 Pounds

Isabella and Rocky were bread on November 10th. Puppies are expected January 12th. This would result in an approximate March 9th go home day. Her puppies are expected to weigh in at around 50-70 pounds when full grown. Below are pictures of the loving puppy parents to be.

This is Isabella, mother of this expected litter. She is super loving and compassionate. She is one of our best-behaved dogs. She enjoys playing fetch and going on trips. Riding in the car is one of her favorite places to be.
This is Rocky, the father of both litters. He is a blue merle. He runs around acting as if he owns the roost. Maybe saying he has his nose in everything, is a better way of putting it. He has a very loving disposition despite this. He is our biggest goofball and has no shame about it. He is also the biggest bed hog if you haven’t guessed yet.

This litter is a repeat litter of the one I currently have available, so it is quite easy to know what to expect. Everything, lol. These two parents combine to expect all black with a chest star, all white, tan/cream, and merles (The color of Rocky). Hair type is medium to long and wavy to curly. Below are pictures of puppies from there past litter. They are obviously not the exact puppies but a representation of what to expect.