BFF Doodles

Hello, my name is Albert Buddle.  Here at BFF Doodles, we specialize in Goldendoodles.  BFF Doodles is a family owned and operated program consisting of myself, my girlfriend Loni and her two teenage daughters.  We are located in the Fresno area of sunny, central California.  Our Goldendoodle puppies are born and raised inside of our home.  Their socialization begins from the moment they are born.  All of our puppies are given age-appropriate vaccinations and medical treatment.  Our “parent” dogs have been carefully selected for their healthy genetics and loving dispositions. They are all part of our everyday family life. ​We implement Biosensor and techniques from Badass Breeders. If you are interested in a puppy, they cost $3200 plus tax with a $500 deposit. You can contact me at Follow us on Instagram at bestfriendsforeverdoodles for more photos and videos.

💕A dog leaves pawprints on your heart💕