Click here for pictures of the 2022 litters.
Isabella enjoying the sun with her favorite cat
Isabella comforting her puppy
Puppy enjoying her sensory toy
Rocky and Willow are feeling the Christmas Cheer
Isabella at Wishon Lake
Sleepy Puppy during photo session
Proud momma
Rocky being a ham
Happy Birthday Isabella
Curious puppy
puppy learning about things that move
puppy learning about unstable surfaces
Jessie is patiently waiting for her treat
Morro Bay is the place to be
puppies melt my heart
đź’•Best Friends Forever Doodlesđź’•
She did not care much for her lifejacket
shoes to protect her at the lake
Willow had fun in the mud
Girls Just wanna have fun
Boy oh Boy this is a big tree!!
Isabella is ready to go to the beach.
Lake days are the best!!
Summertime and the livings easy.
Puppy noses melt my heart!
We like to practice the sit command.
Will you be my Valentine?
You know when all the doods are in the kitchen that momma must be cooking.
I went to sleep during my photo session.
Willow can be a silly girl.
Too cute not to share.
Puppies enjoy playing on the slide.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!
Isabella at 8 weeks old.
Isabella went to the beauty shop
Kevin is getting groomed.
This is Walter in his new forever home with his new brother Wilson.