How are Your Puppies Raised?

Our puppies are born and raised inside of our home. The puppies are exposed to all household activities.  When they are older and if the weather is good, they go outside for playtime during the day. Otherwise, they will be found romping through the house.

What are the differences between males and females?

 “What are the main differences between a male and a female?”  In my opinion, I feel that dogs all have their own personalities and temperaments regardless of what gender they are. Both genders are equally intelligent and affectionate and make excellent family companions.

Do I need to place a Reservation Fee & how much is it?

Placing a reservation fee assures you a “pick” from current or upcoming litters. Many of our puppies are sold before they are born. Reservation Fees placed after a litter is born are non-refundable but can be rolled over to another litter. A Reservation Fee placed before a litter is born is refundable only if I cannot give you the type of puppy that you requested.  For example, you requested a black male and only gold females were born. The balance of your puppy’s cost is due when you pick up the puppy. Cash or cashier’s check is preferred for the final payment.  Reservation Fee is $500.00. Your deposit can be placed at www.PayPal.me/bffdoodles

Why is my Reservation Fee non-refundable?

Other than the reasons listed above, I do not refund reservation fees. Why… first of all putting down a deposit means you are committed to bringing a puppy into your home.  If you have not thoroughly thought about what this means …. the love, time and dedication that this involves…. then please do not put down a deposit.  I do not refund a deposit if you change your mind, cannot wait, etc.

Choosing Your Puppy

At 8-9 weeks of age, you are welcomed into our home to choose and take home your puppy. First deposit gets first pick, second deposit gets second pick and so on. Depending on demand, puppy choosing will be either on go home day or upon date of deposit.

Will you deliver my puppy?

At this time we are not delivering puppies, however there are local businesses that specialize in transportation.